Pa (Patrick) O’Dwyer is an Irish Strongman from County Limerick and has won Ireland’s Strongest Man a record 5 times and for the first time ever for an Irishman winning UK’s Strongest man in 2018.

Consistently pushing up the ranks since then he placed 2nd at 2022 Britains strongest man behind the current Worlds strongest man Tom Stoltman. Pa though recently is more known for his comical character at the strongman shows, impersonating the likes of Bill Kazmirer and keeping crowds entertained.

Pa joined a gym and started lifting weights at the age of 21 weighing a mere 11 stone after discovering he was to become a young father, previous to this was a party lifestyle and bad diet which was all binned to become at first just fitter and healthier. He is currently preparing for Worlds Strongest Man 2023 where he wishes to place top 10 and be the first Irishman to do so.